TrailerBlade Skirts

polyblade side profile

.50 Delta CdA
Fuel Savings/
Drag Reduction

The latest addition to the FleetAero family of aerodynamic products is the PolyBlade side skirt, built as durable as all our brands and priced competitively for any business.

Design & Specifications

WEIGHT:128 Lbs
PANEL:Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene Composite
STRUT:PolyBlade Strut. Hybrid with Steel Head and Fiber-Reinforced Nylon Channel. Fiber Composite Spring

10-Year Warranty
FleetAero side skirts are now available with Aeroguard warranty.

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PolyBlade Struts

PolyBlade Struts’ hybrid design matches the strength and durability of TrailerBlade HD strut with 60% less weight. With its patented design and custom formulation, the polymer channel is virtually indestructible, and the steel head allows mounting of any skirt to any trailer.

Installation Guide