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Up to 9.98%

Independent tests have shown that the combined installation of TrailerBlade™, Rocketail™, and ECOFLAPS can result in a composite score of up to 9.98% in fuel savings.

Using FleetAero products that are specifically designed to complement each other, we can help you create aerodynamic packages for your fleet’s specific needs. You can select best-quality components for a customized combination that generates substantial savings for your operations, maximizes ROI, and reduces maintenance costs.

See chart below for fuel savings with each individual product and a sample AeroComplete™ package built with the PolyBlade™ side skirt, ECOFLAPS, and Rocketail™ components.


Sample System 1

18′ PolyBlade™



BIN IV Trailer | Delta CdA .85

$4,316/annual fuel savings
(at $4.00/gal)

24,735 LBS/CO2 removed

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