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Design & Specifications

weight:25 LBS./EA

Rocketail™ is SmartWay® verified and CARB approved for GHG2 and shown to reduce rear-end drag on trailers by 3.36%. Combined with any of our side skirts, Rocketail™ turns virtually any skirted trailer into a top-performing Bin-4. Designed to handle the rigors of trucking, Rocketail™ automatically deploys when the door closes and folds flat against the trailer when the door opens. This unique design eliminates rear collision damage that is common with other tail systems.

Rocketail™’s wings incorporate a patented multi-element airfoil, found in the design of every modern aircraft wing, and are constructed out of super strong, gas-infused polymers for strength and flexibility. In torture tests, the wings bend and flex but do not break. Each wing weighs less than 25 lbs. and requires minimal to no annual maintenance.

Installation Guides

Rocketail™ installation will take two people with experience about 35 minutes for a dry van and 1 hour and 15 minutes for a reefer. All installations should be performed by an experienced mechanic.

Requires no drilling into trailer walls or roof, and is designed with minimal to no annual maintenance for a superior return on investment.

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