Why FleetAero

Thoroughly tested, our CARB-approved and EPA Smartway®—certified aerodynamic products have a proven record of delivering lower fuel costs and carbon emissions.


The most recent studies show that, on average, fuel makes up 21% of a trucking company’s operating costs, coming in second only to driver salary and benefits. As fuel prices continue to rise, the trucking industry is trying to find various ways to reduce not just the cost of fuel, but the impact that fuel has on the environment.

With FleetAero products, we offer a solution for both:
Reducing Fuel Costs & Reducing Co2 Emissions

Aerodynamic drag accounts for more than half of your fleet’s fuel consumption, so reducing that drag has been the driving force behind our product development efforts. FleetAero products are specifically designed to help reduce drag because we know that it is the quickest and most cost-effective way to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption and carbon footprint.