Why FleetAero

Reduce carbon emissions, one fleet at a time

smartway carb logoThoroughly tested, our CARB-approved and EPA Smartway®-certified aerodynamic products have a proven record of delivering lower fuel costs, reducing carbon emissions, providing a high return on investment, and helping fleet owners meet their sustainability goals.

Reduced Fuel Costs
Fuel makes up one-fifth of a trucking company’s operating costs. By reducing aerodynamic drag, our products can help cut those costs by as much as $4,856 per trailer per year.

Reduced CO2 Emissions
Medium and heavy-duty trucks account for 25% of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by the transportation sector. Less fuel use means a smaller carbon footprint.

High Return on Investment
Substantial fuel savings ensure fleets quickly recover their purchase and installation costs for any FleetAero product.

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