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Join the Industry Leader in Trailer Aerodynamic Technology

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When you invest in FleetAero’s CARB-certified and EPA SmartWay®-verified aerodynamic products for your trailer, you can always count on two things:

Saving Money On Your Operating Costs &

Saving The Environment From Greenhouse Gases

Driving your business forward and reducing your fleet’s carbon footprint do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can accomplish both by using FleetAero’s aerodynamic products designed to have longer life cycles that need less repairs or replacement costs.

The Building Blocks Of Your Competitive Advantage

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We’ve set the standard with TrailerBlade™, our patented side skirt design. Check out the 16 different approved side skirt configurations that we designed to fit your trailer’s specific needs.

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Our advanced aerodynamic ECOFLAPS is designed to provide maximum airflow and decrease drag to deliver superior fuel efficiency.

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We offer the most advanced aerodynamic tail system on the market. The economical and durable Rocketail™ turns virtually any skirted trailer into a top-performing Bin 4 trailer.

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