Exhaustive research, real-world testing, and CARB and EPA certification have shown that our products outperform the competition and generate significant fuel savings.

Our approach to product design is rooted in a commitment to operational excellence and outstanding performance. TrailerBlade™, PolyBlade™, TrailerFlap™, and Rocketail™ are all thoughtfully designed, precisely manufactured, and rigorously tested to make sure they deliver on the promise to significantly improve your fleet’s performance.

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Introducing PolyBlade™, the latest addition to FleetAero’s aerodynamic side skirt products. Built to last and competitively priced for your budget.

18′ – length
Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene Composite

At Knight-Swift Transportation, our commitment is to both environmental and financial sustainability. That is why we have invested in FleetAero products. These aerodynamic solutions help us to meet our ESG goals, while at the same time providing a strong financial return on investment that we can count on.

David R. WilliamsSVP Equipment & Government Relations - Knight-Swift Transportation