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Grocery and foodservice supply chain leader installing ECOFLAPS on 3,800 tractors and 4,800 trailers.

” . . . identified ECOFLAPS as the product with which we would get the highest return on investment. This will help reduce our environmental impact and make McLane a more efficient company.”

Director of Logistics and Transportation Management,
McLane Company

“We believe the fuel, safety, and durability benefits of ECOFLAPS splash guards are compelling to our operating costs and contribute towards our long-term sustainability goals.”


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Introducing ECOFLAPS splash guards, the premiere vented flaps in the trucking industry

Small Investment, Big Return
Newly added to the FleetAero line of aerodynamic solutions, ECOFLAPS stand out as the only EPA SmartWay-verified splash guards available in the market. Their energy efficiency and eco-friendly design deliver fuel savings from the time of installation.

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Constructed from a premium, impact-resistant nylon polymer, ECOFLAPS are engineered to withstand harsh road conditions and substantial wear-and-tear, setting an industry benchmark for durability. Backed by an unmatched two-year warranty, ECOFLAPS offer unrivaled advantages, ensuring a significant return on your small investment.

Increased safety for both truck drivers and surrounding motorists

When water moves through ECOFLAPS wing-shaped channels, it passes through a “dead air zone” on the back of the flap and then falls to the road surface.This flow-pattern feature significantly reduces road spray when compared to traditional mud flap design.

By directing water to the pavement instead of into the air, ECOFLAPS drastically reduce the dangerous cloud of road spray that impedes a driver’s line of sight on wet roads. Thus, Eco Flaps play a critical role in making roads safer for both drivers and surrounding motorists.

side view of semi-trailer showing spray pattern with ECOFLAPS
Truck spray at 65 MPH with ECOFLAPS

side view of a semi-trailer showing the spray pattern with conventional spray flaps
Truck spray at 65 MPH with conventional flaps

Design & Specifications

material:High quality, impact-resistant nylon polymer
chemical resistance:Not Affected by Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Coolant, Salt, Acetone, Detergent, or Window Cleaner
freeze test:Impact-tested to withstand temperatures from -200F to +200F without cracking, breaking, or melting
mounting:Universal mounting, trims easily
weight:32 oz.

ECOFLAPS Advantage

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced truck CO2 emissions
  • Easy installation
  • Two different widths and several lengths to meet all DOT requirements
  • Two-year warranty
  • Durability
  • Distribution network
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fleetaero warranty icon2-Year Warranty
ECOFLAPS are available with 2-year FleetAero warranty.


ECOFLAPS Customization

Expand your company’s brand by adding a logo to your splash guards. Unlike a traditional stamp or screen print method, ECOFLAPS customized logos are printed using high end UV printing technology, making them long lasting and able to withstand all elements. Logo printing is available on both white and black colored ECOFLAPS splash guards, all sizes. There is no minimum order quantity and volume discounts are available. Contact a member of our team today to get started.

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For more ECOFLAPS information or to place an order, contact us directly:

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