Why FleetAero

High Return On Investment

The installation of any FleetAero aerodynamic product instantly creates a more fuel-efficient vehicle, and, within one year, the fuel savings cover the purchase and installation costs. Since FleetAero products are made out of the same durable materials as semi-trailers, and are precisely manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure long lifecycles and minimal repairs, fleet owners can look forward to years of savings.

The combined installation of TrailerBlade™, ECOFLAPS, and Rocketail™ show a per trailer annual fuel savings* of $4,856.

 The annual per trailer fuel savings for the installation of the TrailerBlade™ side skirt ranges from $2,516 for the TrailerBlade 16’ to $2,858 for the PolyBlade side skirt.

ECOFLAPS shows a per trailer annual fuel savings of $572.

Rocketail™ shows a per trailer annual fuel savings of $1,715.

All side skirts are backed by our FleetAero 10-year limited warranty. Because of the robustness of our TrailerBlade and PolyBlade side skirts, we have not had any service claims on these products in the past 5 years. The situation is the same with ECOFLAPS, which is covered by our FleetAero 2-year warranty.

*Fuel savings are based on 100,000 highway miles driven annually at 7 MPG and $4.50/gallon.